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My all over fashion tee, appropriate for #nyfw I think. #jonburgerman #newyork #fashion


My all over fashion tee, appropriate for #nyfw I think. #jonburgerman #newyork #fashion

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is this what heaven looks like

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Gece gibi bir şarkı; gece gibi soğuk ve karanlık..

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Look who just jumped out of the Catbus! It’s.. Totoro!

Ever since paying a visit to Satsuki and Mei’s house last year with Baldwin (heavily inspired by Martin Hsu’s similar pilgrimage) I’ve been itching to do some Totoro inspired Baldwins. Now finally here they are!

Limited to 2 pieces, Totoro measures 3” and comes with an umbrella and leaf. Each Totoro is packaged in a hand sewn fabric pouch.

Totoro will be available at Thursday July 24, 8pm (CET).

Now let’s sing: “Tonari no To to ro Totoro To to ro Totoro”


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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s.. Shinobee! Flying ninja and slayer of pizza.

This 3” custom Kidrobot dunny went to a private collector. Shinobee came with a ninjato (sword) and custom stand.

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These planters by Wacamole Ceramic are beyond adorable


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Hasan Kale is an incredible artist from Turkey and his tiny artworks have caught my eyes immediately! That’s impressive!

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